Plumer Karate America is the only Superfoot/Joe Lewis licensed Martial Arts facility in the State of Wisconsin. We teach The Bill “Superfoot” Wallace fighting system. Karate America has also always taught Korean Tae Kwon Do. We do however also teach other arts as they pertain to what it is we want our students to get out of their training. We borrow techniques from Okinawa, China and Japan. What makes Plumer Karate America so unique is not only it’s nationally certified instructors but it’s ability to adapt to the changing needs of it’s students. Our staff continues to train with some of the most innovative Martial Artists in the country in order to stay abreast of the most advanced teaching methods available.

Plumer Karate America operates three locations; Lodi, Poynette, and Portage . Mix and match days, time and locations that work best for your schedule all at one low price. We also offer family classes so adults can take class with their kids, cardio kickboxing, day classes, birthday parties, self defense seminars and much, much more. Check our karate, cardio kickboxing and additional offerings links for a complete list of offerings.