Plumer Karate America in DeForest, Lodi, Poynette, Prairie du Sac, Sauk City, Sauk Prairie, Baraboo and Waunakee, WI teaches martial arts to students of all ages and abilities.KinderKicker (Ages 3-5)

KinderKickers are karate students of three, four and sometime five years of age. The Kinderkicker program was created by Karate America in the early nineties to allow younger children the opportunity to enjoy some of the same benefits as the older children without requiring as much memorization. The KinderKicker learns to focus, pay attention, be respectful and become part of a team while thinking they’re just having fun! A separate belt and promotion system for this age group gives our young karate students the satisfaction of working toward their own “black belt” just like the older students. At some point (at the Chief Instructors discretion) the KinderKicker will roll directly into the regular program.


While training in karate each student focuses not only on the physical skills he or she must learn, but also on the important skills that will help lead to personal success in life Learning these life skills are just as important as being able to defend yourself. The program has even more of a positive impact as the Karate America system partners with parents and teachers to make sure these life skills are being used at home and school before a child is able to promote to their next belt.

Teens / Adults

Our program for teens and adults blend the advantages of karate, leadership training, practical self defense and fitness in a fun and exciting way.

Family Karate

This program provides the same benefits of our kids and teen/adult program but allows you the opportunity to take class with your child. Spend some quality time together while enjoying the benefits of setting goals together, getting fit together and learning to defend yourself!

Black Belt Team

During a student’s training at the basic level, they may decide to move to their next level of training, the Black Belt Team. This program focuses on building upon skills introduced at the basic level. Black Belt Team includes longer class times, working with weapons (padded nunchukas!), seminar opportunities and membership discounts. A Black Belt Team student demonstrates the commitment to becoming a Black Belt.

Masters Team

This program is specifically designed to challenge and elevate the skill levels of the Black Belt student, Curriculum is created to enhance and maximize the technique, power and speed of a martial artist. The Black Belt curriculum consists of 6 months of intense work on 6 different modules. First degree black belt modules consist of: double nunchukas, kamas, black belt forms, advanced self defense, bo-staff and escrima. Second degree modules consist of: small circle self defense, bokken, broadsword, teaching, sai and tonfa.

Extra Curricular

Leadership Team

Leadership Team is a special program that allows students to take full advantage of many leadership concepts that the martial arts offers, making them leaders and examples for the community and school, and preparing them for their future. Students must demonstrate proper respect, focus and self discipline at home, school and karate. They must also be receiving good grades at school and must interview with the school’s Chief Instructor before being allowed to join the team. There is no additional charge for being on this team.

Demonstration Team

Our demonstration team consists of any Black Belt Team student who wishes to build confidence, practice their karate in front of an audience and have LOTS of fun! There is no additional charge for being on this team.

Competition Team (Team Eclipse)

Team Eclipse is our award winning competition team. Students are required to try out for this team and their may be costs associated with uniforms, activities etc.

Private Classes

Private classes are held approximately once per month. These private sessions are run by instructors and leadership team members and give students the opportunity to work one-on-one any any curriculum they so choose. These classes are FREE!